The Kickstarter campaign for the Box of Holding has been succesfully completed! Did you miss your chance to get a Box of Holding via the Kickstarter? No problem! The Box of Holding is now available via our Etsy shop.

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Box of Holding

The Box of Holding stores all your dice (well, many of them anyway), tabletop mini’s, tokens, pencils and an A6 notebook. You can easily convert the compartments to fit your character’s specific gear.

On the game table the leather lined box doubles as a dice tray and the magnetic stat-tracker in the lid keeps track of all your fast-changing stats such as hit points, spell slots, hit dice and class abilities. When the time comes – and we all know it will – it also keeps track of your death saves.

No more endless writing and erasing your quickly changing stats. Simply slide the magnets to their new position after you have lost or gained hit points, spell slots, hit dice or class abilities. The hit point counter goes up to 499 hit points, showing the hundreds in the left column, the tens in the middle column and the single digits in the right column. The spell slot counter shows your available spell slots of levels 1-9. A magnet marks how many spell slots you have left per level. A magnet on the rightmost side means you are at your maximum, a magnet on the left means you are down to one. No magnet means you have no spell slots of that level remaining. 

The magnetic stat tracker is tailored for use in Dungeons and Dragons 5E.