You have the perfect plan worked out…

The party discussed all the angles for an hour and you are sure this will work!

You are proficient, motivated and you have the right skills!

But then… you role a natural 1


Every person playing games that involve dice has experienced that moment of disappointment when your dice just role like crap.

And sometimes it just keeps landing on awful numbers. One epic fail after another may result in funny stories the day after, but that die needs to learn how to behave!

Call it superstition, call it magic, call it revenge or call it rehabilitation…

Whatever you name it, it all comes down to one thing.

It feels really good to place that pesky 1-rolling bugger in jail!

Padouk dicebox with bordeaux felt liner and a dicejail

To give players the possibility to give their dice a time out, we have built a small dicejail inside some of our diceboxes.

So your dicebox can be used for storing dice and rehabilitation.


Walnut dicebox with a complete polyhedral diceset and 1 extra d20 in jail

The dicebox has plenty of room for your whole diceset outside of jail. 

So when you are transporting or storing your dice, you can store all your beloved dice outside of jail and only use the jail when it is needed.


Please note: the dice shown in the pictures are not included